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Most of the tools do not require any prior knowledge; if necessary, a team of professionals is there to guide you in your learning.
Digital tools offer a wide choice of solutions for businesses of all sizes and for all budgets. Some tools can allow you, for example, to save time in inventory management; others will allow you to retain your customers, or to develop them.
The solutions offered on Ludo.One are suitable for all budgets and you will find many free solutions: advice, practical sheets, tutorials...
Digital tools can save you time: optimization of customer relations, inventory management, communication management of your promotional offers,… a wide range of solutions exists. They do not require special knowledge.
The online diagnosis allows you to identify areas for improvement. Ludo.One then offers you a choice of solutions according to criteria that you have previously selected. Our team of professionals can also offer you products tailored to your needs.
Increased sales, customer acquisition and loyalty, securing the point of sale, extended communication, highlighting your know-how, etc. The pursuit of these objectives is made easier thanks to digital tools. Sending sms, social network communication, geolocation of your teams, training, ... so many different solutions at the service of your company to allow you to go further and make your business a success.
Today, the Internet and social networks give you access to a large number of potential customers in a very short time. Faster and easier to set up, with a moderate investment, digital communication allows you to know your audience and measure the reach of your publications almost in real time. By highlighting your offer, your promotions, ..., you keep a close link with your customers and encourage them to come and return to your point of sale.
Some digital solutions do not require any IT equipment and can be administered directly from a tablet or your smartphone.

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